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boot camp

Challenge, discipline, and transform your body with this heart pumping 6-week program. These sweat-inducing sessions will be a creative mix of cardio, strength building, and stretching, to get your day started off right! You will meet up to 3 times a week at various outdoor locations and work out alongside a community of passionate, fun, fitness enthusiasts! Call Morgan at 808.757.2318 for more details and to register. Drop-ins are welcome, $15 exact change.


pilates burn

Taking pilates to the next level using props to intensify the sequence! This bold style of body conditioning will help build flexibility and lean muscle while emphasizing proper spinal and pelvic alignment. Deep core strengthening, key breathing techniques, and balance and coordination will all be integrated. You WILL feel the pilates burn!


TRX circuit

High intensity class alternating between workout stations. Each class will vary in using different pieces of equipment like BOSU balls, medicine balls, suspension, jump ropes, body bars, or hand weights to develop strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. This is a transformation class to enhance your physique…be ready to work!! Shoes required.